Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jolene's THIRD birthday!!

How in the world did we get a three year old already?  We had her party at Pump it Up and the kids wore themselves out sliding and jumping.  Perfect for a rainy, cold January day.  Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us!  A big thank you to Thaida for keeping the babies at home so we could spend this time just with Jojo.

 This kid loves to jump.

 The Browns
 Man of mystery, Cole.
 Love this group shot.  Check out the birthday girl...over it.  Don't miss sweet Caroline laid out in the bottom right of the photo. 
 She'd been waiting for this moment pretty much since she turned two.  "Mommy, when can I blow out my candles and have everyone sing to me?"
 The guests who traveled the farthest...Liz and Maddox from Amarillo!  Such a gift to have them there.
 Sums up their relationship.
 Galbreaths minus Brooke and NEW baby, Beverly!
 Cal and Aunt Ann Marie.
 Love this.
A few of the Hardys.

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