Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jolene's THIRD birthday!!

How in the world did we get a three year old already?  We had her party at Pump it Up and the kids wore themselves out sliding and jumping.  Perfect for a rainy, cold January day.  Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us!  A big thank you to Thaida for keeping the babies at home so we could spend this time just with Jojo.

 This kid loves to jump.

 The Browns
 Man of mystery, Cole.
 Love this group shot.  Check out the birthday girl...over it.  Don't miss sweet Caroline laid out in the bottom right of the photo. 
 She'd been waiting for this moment pretty much since she turned two.  "Mommy, when can I blow out my candles and have everyone sing to me?"
 The guests who traveled the farthest...Liz and Maddox from Amarillo!  Such a gift to have them there.
 Sums up their relationship.
 Galbreaths minus Brooke and NEW baby, Beverly!
 Cal and Aunt Ann Marie.
 Love this.
A few of the Hardys.

Christmas 2012

Julie was sweet to come over and snap some photos of everyone in their Christmas dressy...

 We love our new house!
 Just the girls.
 First Christmas.
 She totally got it.
 Meh, not so much.
 Why do kids misbehave on holidays when grandparents are around?
 Noni and Grandpa came to Christmas morning at our house.
 Cheers with cousin Bella!
 Still not mobile at this point, so he was pretty easy to keep away from the tree.
All babies love Beau and he is so great with them.  


We have so much to be thankful for...
 17 (or 18, I can't keep count) of our children in one house. Absolute chaos and I loved every second of it.  
 The boy.
 Baby girl.
 Kyle, Ivette, Jake, and Timothy who are moving to Houston soon!!!
 Can't wait to be more of a part of their daily lives.
 My heart.
 Visit to the San Antonio zoo with cousins.
God's grace is poured out on me so lavishly.

Hargather visit

Our good friends, Molly and Jamie, came to visit in November and brought their dumplin' of a son, Hammond.  It was so fun to watch all the babies 'play' and just kind of sit back and enjoy the chaos of FOUR kids under three.  We wish we lived closer to these guys, but I'm sure that our kiddos will grow up knowing and loving one another.  Thanks for braving the travel with a baby to come see us.

 Hammond might be bigger than both our littles in this those rolls!
 Hot and sweaty in November.
Hammond basically taught Vivi to crawl this weekend.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

...Halloween!!  I love it so much.  You get to stay up late, knock on neighbors doors, and take candy from complete strangers.  Love it.  Our new neighborhood goes all out for Halloween and we loaded up the kids in the Red Rider and stroller and did it up right.  I think it was the best night of Jojo's life so far.  Best friends, dress up, and candy!

 The princess with her minions, Thing One and Thing Two
 Attempt at filling bellies with substance before the candy overdose.
 My weak attempt at Cat and the Hat...It was too hot to put on those tights and long sleeves.
 Morgan and her Bumblebee and Fairy Princess. 
 The Smiths in their best rodeo attire.
 Not loving it.
So confused.

Months Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine

For my own wacked out sense of accomplish, I feel the need to update these month by month photo pictures.  As each month flies by, I think to myself, "oops, forgot to update the blog with photos."  Oh well, at least I'm doing it at all.

 We are six months old!

 Now we're seven months old!

 Eight months in our cutie Croatia shirts Gigimama and Poppi brought us.

 Nine months in our small chair.  We gave our glider away because we didn't use it much anymore and it took up a lot of room.  I think this chair makes for funnier photos anyway.

The end.  Until I post photos again sometime after their first birthday.