Thursday, September 20, 2012

Months Four and Five Photos

It seems I am only able to post every other month.  I have my hands very full these days and if it weren't for Luke buying a triple stroller off craigslist and taking all three of our children on runs, I might never get to be alone.  What a great dad and husband he is.

We're currently living with the wonderful, generous Manning family in their awesome home until ours gets remodeled.  It has been a huge step up for Jojo and the babies since they no longer sleep in closets and get their own rooms!  Jojo is sleeping in a HUGE king bed and the babies love their room and all the activity that goes on everyday here.  The Manning's boys, Hunter and Noah, are Jojo's constant entertainment.  She wakes up and asks first thing, "Where are Hunter and Noah?"  She's going to miss them so much when we move into our home next week.  What a blessing to get to share life on a daily basis with the Mannings these past few weeks.  We are so grateful to have friends who live out the biblical principle of hospitality so well.

Jojo started preschool this month and had LOVED every second of it.  She is her mother's daughter.  That child had an art smock on and a paint brush in her hand before I could even organize her cubby on the first day of school.  I explained to her that I was leaving but I'd be back soon and she waved me away with her back turned and her hands busily painting away and said, "Okay Mommy, see you soon." When did she get so big?

 Buddies Jojo and Hunter
 Month Five Outtakes
 Viv Month Five
 Drake Month Five
 I had to put their letters on the chair so they would keep they out of their mouths.
Amazing comb-over, mullet right before we gave him a buzz cut. Isn't he tough?
 Jojo and Cal on the first day of preschool at First United Methodist.
 Working the art smock on the first three minutes of school.
 I'm a BIG kid and my lunchbox is bigger than I am!
 Please excuse the fabulous no makeup, stringy hair look I have going here and just look at these cute lil dumplings I get to hold every day.
 Month Four Outtakes
 Viv Month Four
 Drake Month Four
 Month Four

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