Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The last month in photos

 Little sister loves to snuggle with big brother...he's pretty ambivalent about snuggling.
 Feeding one baby at a time is such a luxury for us these days.  Gigimama has already helped us out so much with these babies and Jojo.  Luke got a stomach bug last week and I packed up all three kids and sought refuge from the plague at the ranch.  Thank you Carole for all your help!
 Poppi, Drake, and Jojo.  Yes, she is still wearing Christmas pj's...they still fit, so why not?
 This photo of Drake looks exactly like Jojo.
See?!  This is Jojo at 1 month.
Aunt Brookie and Mary Beth came to visit!
 Jojo giving Drake her "stink eye" while Luke burps him.  Notice his mad double baby feeding skills!
 The Bender girls came to play (and help me entertain Jojo...thank you thank you thank you!).
 We are ONE MONTH old!!  
 Vivi always is alert and looks wide-eyed at everything. I keep expecting her to just talk to us because she communicates so much through her eyes. We call her our little chihuahua because she's so little with these huge eyes.
Drake loves to eat, sleep, fart, poop, and isn't all that interested in communicating just yet. We call him our little bulldog because he snorts all the time and his noises consist of grunts and yelps. 

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