Monday, April 16, 2012

Our family is all under one roof! (minus Baron)

Our first non-operating room photo with the new babies
Jojo meets Vivi for the first time.
Our first official photo while I was on the operating table.
He looks so masculine already...and he makes really masculine grunts all the time.
Vivi's eyes are always so alert and huge...she is such a sweet little package.

Announcing the newest two members of the Bourlon family...Drake Watson and Vivienne Louise! Vivi was born at 3 pounds, 4 ounces and Drake was 5 pounds, 9 ounces. They were born one minute apart, with Drake taking the "older" brother honors. We love them so much and can't believe our family has grown to five!

We are SO thrilled to celebrate the homecoming of little Miss Vivi yesterday evening. Drake was discharged from the hospital when I was, but hung out with me in a nesting room for a couple weeks to be close to little sister while she was in the NICU. It was so hard to be away from Luke and Jojo those couple of weeks, but I loved getting to go to every day time feeding with Vivi and take Drake along. The doctors wanted Vivi to stay in the NICU until she reached 4 pounds and could regulate her own body temperature well. She achieved both goals yesterday and was discharged after 17 days in the hospital. Our new family of 5 is so happy to be all together!

So far, all Drake does is eat and sleep until we wake him up for the next feeding...Vivi seems to be a little more high maintenance, but I think we are still just getting to know her quirks and noises since she spent so much time away from us. I'm not nearly as sleep deprived as I envisioned myself with almost 3 week old twins, but that has a lot to do with Luke taking the midnight and 6 AM feedings for me. Hooray for a loving husband who is not afraid to jump in and learn how to manage these babies right along with me! He goes back to the office today, so we'll see how day one all by myself goes...fingers crossed!

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