Thursday, September 20, 2012

Months Four and Five Photos

It seems I am only able to post every other month.  I have my hands very full these days and if it weren't for Luke buying a triple stroller off craigslist and taking all three of our children on runs, I might never get to be alone.  What a great dad and husband he is.

We're currently living with the wonderful, generous Manning family in their awesome home until ours gets remodeled.  It has been a huge step up for Jojo and the babies since they no longer sleep in closets and get their own rooms!  Jojo is sleeping in a HUGE king bed and the babies love their room and all the activity that goes on everyday here.  The Manning's boys, Hunter and Noah, are Jojo's constant entertainment.  She wakes up and asks first thing, "Where are Hunter and Noah?"  She's going to miss them so much when we move into our home next week.  What a blessing to get to share life on a daily basis with the Mannings these past few weeks.  We are so grateful to have friends who live out the biblical principle of hospitality so well.

Jojo started preschool this month and had LOVED every second of it.  She is her mother's daughter.  That child had an art smock on and a paint brush in her hand before I could even organize her cubby on the first day of school.  I explained to her that I was leaving but I'd be back soon and she waved me away with her back turned and her hands busily painting away and said, "Okay Mommy, see you soon." When did she get so big?

 Buddies Jojo and Hunter
 Month Five Outtakes
 Viv Month Five
 Drake Month Five
 I had to put their letters on the chair so they would keep they out of their mouths.
Amazing comb-over, mullet right before we gave him a buzz cut. Isn't he tough?
 Jojo and Cal on the first day of preschool at First United Methodist.
 Working the art smock on the first three minutes of school.
 I'm a BIG kid and my lunchbox is bigger than I am!
 Please excuse the fabulous no makeup, stringy hair look I have going here and just look at these cute lil dumplings I get to hold every day.
 Month Four Outtakes
 Viv Month Four
 Drake Month Four
 Month Four

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

After my nap...

Luke sent me this conversation he had with Jojo the other day.  I'm recording it for posterity's sake here...

Jojo: Where's Boomer, Daddy?
Luke: He's in heaven.
Jojo: I wanna go see him!!
Luke: Maybe in 90 years.
Jojo: Ok, Daddy. After my nap, I'll see him.

These are the conversations I will always cherish.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Months Two and Three

We are TWO months old!

Now we're THREE months old! 

Monday, June 25, 2012


We're still here, just busy feeding babies and trying to entertain the two year old.  Sadly, I've resorted to letting Dora the Explorer entertain Jojo when it's time to feed the babies and it's just me with all three kids.  I get that song, "Come on vamanos, everybody let's go!" stuck in my head daily.  You preschool mommies know what I'm talking about here.  
So traveling with three kids is intense.  We have a LOT of stuff, and I'm just talking things essential for survival...eating, sleeping, pooping.  It's probably time to look into those roof top cargo things for when we travel, especially when Baron comes home.  We've been out to the ranch and to Boerne to see Grandma.

Here are a few of our favorite photos so far of summer...with lots of our favorite people!

 Aunt Patty and Uncle Hal met us out at the ranch to hang out with their newest niece and nephew.
 "Spash pad" is somewhere Jojo goes almost daily, since there's not much else to do in this heat. Sometimes Luke takes her by there after they go running on the trail just to cool off.
 Luke got baptized by Brad on Lake Austin...such a sweet day.
 These two have so much fun together and this day at Pease Park was no exception.

These babies love the park too!  They do great when we're out and about...which is all the time because our two year old doesn't understand the concept of staying at home.
 Noni helped Jojo eat a yummy dinner at the wedding reception for the GORGEOUS Lindsey Horton Myres...where I realized I forgot to rsvp.  Thankfully, Lindsey's sweet mom, Debby handled our circus of a family with grace and found a place for us.  I swear, these days I would lose my head if it weren't attached.
Grandpa sure is funny looking and he knows how to make babies smile.
Snack time at the splash pad...look at Reese sitting with the big girls!
Speaking of big...this guy's huge grins melt my heart. We love you, Cal!
Trouble.  Double trouble.
The Browns came over for dinner and Harper and Jojo had a ball playing ring around the rosie.
We had such a fun weekend with our Denver family who came to Austin. Carole Ann and Aunt Mary Ellen were so sweet to baby-sit for us too!
We took Vivi and Drake to meet their Great Grandma in Boerne.  I didn't get a photo of her with Drake...I don't know what I was thinking!  
We love to line our three kids up on the couch and just see what happens.  It always ends in someone tipping over and usually someone crying.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The last month in photos

 Little sister loves to snuggle with big brother...he's pretty ambivalent about snuggling.
 Feeding one baby at a time is such a luxury for us these days.  Gigimama has already helped us out so much with these babies and Jojo.  Luke got a stomach bug last week and I packed up all three kids and sought refuge from the plague at the ranch.  Thank you Carole for all your help!
 Poppi, Drake, and Jojo.  Yes, she is still wearing Christmas pj's...they still fit, so why not?
 This photo of Drake looks exactly like Jojo.
See?!  This is Jojo at 1 month.
Aunt Brookie and Mary Beth came to visit!
 Jojo giving Drake her "stink eye" while Luke burps him.  Notice his mad double baby feeding skills!
 The Bender girls came to play (and help me entertain Jojo...thank you thank you thank you!).
 We are ONE MONTH old!!  
 Vivi always is alert and looks wide-eyed at everything. I keep expecting her to just talk to us because she communicates so much through her eyes. We call her our little chihuahua because she's so little with these huge eyes.
Drake loves to eat, sleep, fart, poop, and isn't all that interested in communicating just yet. We call him our little bulldog because he snorts all the time and his noises consist of grunts and yelps. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Our family is all under one roof! (minus Baron)

Our first non-operating room photo with the new babies
Jojo meets Vivi for the first time.
Our first official photo while I was on the operating table.
He looks so masculine already...and he makes really masculine grunts all the time.
Vivi's eyes are always so alert and huge...she is such a sweet little package.

Announcing the newest two members of the Bourlon family...Drake Watson and Vivienne Louise! Vivi was born at 3 pounds, 4 ounces and Drake was 5 pounds, 9 ounces. They were born one minute apart, with Drake taking the "older" brother honors. We love them so much and can't believe our family has grown to five!

We are SO thrilled to celebrate the homecoming of little Miss Vivi yesterday evening. Drake was discharged from the hospital when I was, but hung out with me in a nesting room for a couple weeks to be close to little sister while she was in the NICU. It was so hard to be away from Luke and Jojo those couple of weeks, but I loved getting to go to every day time feeding with Vivi and take Drake along. The doctors wanted Vivi to stay in the NICU until she reached 4 pounds and could regulate her own body temperature well. She achieved both goals yesterday and was discharged after 17 days in the hospital. Our new family of 5 is so happy to be all together!

So far, all Drake does is eat and sleep until we wake him up for the next feeding...Vivi seems to be a little more high maintenance, but I think we are still just getting to know her quirks and noises since she spent so much time away from us. I'm not nearly as sleep deprived as I envisioned myself with almost 3 week old twins, but that has a lot to do with Luke taking the midnight and 6 AM feedings for me. Hooray for a loving husband who is not afraid to jump in and learn how to manage these babies right along with me! He goes back to the office today, so we'll see how day one all by myself goes...fingers crossed!