Saturday, June 18, 2011

Spring flew by...

Here are some photos from our recent Spring adventures. Lately, we've cut done on our outdoor activities unless it involves water because it's so HOT!
Impromptu family photo session at Mt. Bonnell

We had the opportunity to host these folks from the Ugandan Mwangaza children's choir over Easter weekend. They were so sweet and we loved getting to know them.
Happy Cinco de Mayo! JoJo kept trying to kiss this donkey. He wasn't that into her.
We met up with our friends, the Galbreaths, at a little Mexican restaurant to celebrate. They had Spanish dancers, a pinata, a donkey, and yummy sangria.
Jolene stomped it up on the dance floor and cried when we had to get her off the stage so the real dancer could perform.
We went to the Austin zoo with Morgan and Amelia one Saturday morning...lots of kisses on the train ride.
She looks like such a big girl here.
Luke and I went to an Astro's game with my parents and we had amazing seats...thanks, Dad! Jolene got to spend the evening with her Houston cousins playing dress up.
This girls loves beans. It's one of the staples of her diet considering at this point she only had two bottom teeth. She finally got two more on bottom last week and three are poking through up top as of yesterday.
Grandpa teaches Jolene how to drive the dump truck.
Beau, Uncle Hal, Joley, and Daddy (with Jesse James trying to comfort a fussy baby).
Sweet cousin Bella who loved playing with Jolene. The cousins are so sweet to her!


  1. Update, please! Whenever you get a moment. I need to see Jo Jo as a newly urbanized baby hipster. Riding the elevator, strolling the streets of downtown, looking out the high-rise window at her skyline view. You know, just the usual stuff.

    Love the profile pic of you two, Court -- I have a similar one of me and my mom when I was about the same age (we look identical, just like you and Jo) and it's one of my all-time faves. Miss you xoxo