Monday, May 2, 2011


Luke surprised me on the weekend following my birthday with a trip WAAAAY out to the little West Texas town of Marfa. I went with a couple of friends a few years back and we had a great time. This time we actually stayed at a place called Cibolo Creek Ranch, just outside of Marfa, which had tons of cool history...check out this amazing and remote, resort.

We'd love to go back someday with friends/family and have the run of the place. We left little Joley with her Gigimama for some granddaughter/grandmother bonding time. Thank you, Carole! We didn't worry for a second about how Jolene was doing because she was in such capable, loving hands. Not to mention I wrote a manifesto on "tips for taking care of Jolene" before we left.

Honestly, one of the best parts was just getting to spend alone time with Luke in the car. No crying baby, no schedules, lots of knitting, books on tape, loud music....divine!

Crossing the Pecos River on the way home.
Heading into the front of the property. Notice all the green cottonwood trees...there are natural springs that go right through the fort. An aqueduct was constructed to channel the water for their use.
On a humvee tour of the area.
The back of the fort.

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