Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I love Texas in the springtime...

By being born a Texan child, Jolene has signed herself up for a childhood of picture taking in the Spring bluebonnets every year. Here are some of my favorites. Is it really against the law to pick bluebonnets? If so, Joley is in big trouble. It is impossible to stop a 14 month old from picking flowers. Especially my 14 month old, who has decided to enter the "testing Mommy phase" a little earlier than most of her peers. I can see in her eyes this little look of defiance and limit pushing each time she does something she knows Mommy won't like. She is so spirited, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I bought this Mexican dress for my future daughter in the Spring of 2008 on a trip to Cabo. Her Noni got her a white one too, but it's still a little too big. A girl can't have too many Mexican dresses.
Gigimama entertains Jo with the dinner bell at the ranch.
Joley and Noni at cousin Amanda's shower in Boerne.
This girl loves balloons!
And I love tutus, baby bottoms, and purple converse shoes!


  1. Joley is beautiful! Love the last pic. Hope you all are doing well. We are going to make a trip to Austin this summer so all the kiddos can meet! :)

  2. We would LOVE that! Claire is growing so fast and is such an adorable combination of you and Ryan.