Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Birthday Photos

Booty shot.
I love her wry grin as she is about to knock over Gain's block tower.
Cooperating and playing nice? Well...I didn't get a picture of Joley trying to push Amelia out of the way.
Cute bottoms.
Thank you to Morgan's mom for making these adorable crowns for the girls!
We had a wall where kids could draw with chalk and put "snow" on the snow man. Harper is telling Renae and I all about her art work.


  1. oh my goodness she is growing up so fast! we MUST plan a trip to austin soon. love and miss you guys. (p.s. LOVE the birthday theme and decor!!)

  2. She is growing up SO fast...walking and trying to run everywhere. My life just got a little more interesting! Please, please come visit us soon!

  3. Aww can't wait to see miss Joley walking! Emrie and I are sad we missed the party.

  4. I'm sad you guys missed, too! I hope Emrie is feeling much better...maybe we'll see you girls on Monday for our Valentine's play date?