Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And we're off!

Little Jo started standing up on her own without using furniture on her actual birthday, January 25. Later that week, she took a few tentative steps. The next week, she was taking about 6 steps at a time. This video is from that week when she was walking and falling all over the place. Now the kid is a pro and won't crawl anymore. She is getting fast, too! Hopefully she'll have her Daddy's speed...then again, I'd prefer to be able to catch her at least until she's about 6. I have visions already of me being that mom who has to chase her kid around the store.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Birthday Photos

Booty shot.
I love her wry grin as she is about to knock over Gain's block tower.
Cooperating and playing nice? Well...I didn't get a picture of Joley trying to push Amelia out of the way.
Cute bottoms.
Thank you to Morgan's mom for making these adorable crowns for the girls!
We had a wall where kids could draw with chalk and put "snow" on the snow man. Harper is telling Renae and I all about her art work.

Winter One-derland

Morgan and I decided to have a joint party this year for the girls, since they don't know any better and because we wanted to save our friends from going to two one year old parties within a week of each other. It was a winter one-derland theme (get it?) and the girls had such a fun brrr-thday! It had snowed two days before the party and so it was looking like the weather was going to cooperate with the decorations. However, in true Texas form, it was 65 degrees out, sunny, and warm. So our s'more idea wasn't the biggest hit after all. We had fun getting everything ready for the big day, and would have still been setting it all up an hour after the party started if not for my parents, Nichole, and Luke, who were conscripted into service upon their immediate early entry to the party. That's what you get for showing up early! ;) Here are a few pics of the day.

Our family with our big girl.
Cole really liked Joley's tutu...I'm sure they'll be great buds.
My dad is obviously delirious from the whirlwind of setting up for the party.
Sweet Amelia and her cake that she devoured...Kyle had to finally take it away. Typical.
Then there's my child who looks so cute here.
This is .5 seconds later. She refused to even taste the cake and left the chair crying. Typical.
Gigimama and Noni dote on their granddaughter, who is walking now.
Table of goodies.
We put pictures of the girls from each month on the wall along with our favorites of them together.
Mas goodies.