Wednesday, December 21, 2011

(kind of) recent photos

These are in reverse chronological order. I'm too lazy to rearrange we'll start with December and work our way back to October.

Saying "Yay" to going to see Santa Claus at the Christmas Affair. She changed her tone once we got to Santa's lap and she is officially NOT a fan of the fat guy. For days after this, she would tell me first thing every morning, "no see Santa" and "Jojo cry Santa."
Mommy's lazy homemade kitten costume.
The group shot of the kiddos at the Tarrytown United Methodist pumpkin patch. They all seem so confused.
Ring around the rosie girls.
Her "blue steel" look. Girl knows her angles.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My excuse for not blogging....

The past few months have been a whirlwind in the Bourlon home. We sold our house on Mt. Bonnell, moved to the 28th floor of a high rise apartment in downtown, and misplaced our camera cord. Thus, no new blog posts and no updated pictures of baby girl, who now coincidentally, is a big girl.

These all seem like great excuses for not blogging, but the biggest reason is that I have been sick and exhausted for the last few months...three to be exact. For those who have endured the first trimester of pregnancy, you know what I'm talkingabout. No home cooked meals, no housework, and limited mobility after Daddy gets home from work.

So our good news is that I'm 16 weeks pregnant with little babies! That's right, babies, as in plural. Two babies to be exact. We are going to have little twins join the family in April and unbelievably our family will grow from 3 to 5! I'm going to have to update the name of this blog. Our doctor told us yesterday she is 85% sure that they are a BOY and a GIRL! We'll find out for sure at our 20 week ultrasound, but my fingers are crossed for this amazing combination.

People always ask if twins run in our family and my negative reply usually leads them to ask if they were conceived naturally. The first time someone asked me this, I had no idea what they were talking about. I get it now and understand that a lot of twins today are a result of fertility treatments. Thankfully, this was an absolute act of God that required no medical intervention. The first thing I said when we saw the ultrasound was that God really has an interesting sense of humor. I bet He chuckled as we moved into our two bedroom apartment knowing he had just created the two little souls that had recently taken up residence in my womb.

Here are a few snapshots of our life in the last few months. Jojo is getting so big and she is such a delight to be around...most of the time. ;)

Summer watermelon eating.
4th of July trip to the Galbreath's family lake house. Brooke G, I promise to send you pics of this and several other events I neglected to upload all summer (Jo's playroom).
My little thrill seekers.
Aunt Ivette, Uncle Kyle, Jake, and Timothy came to visit. Don't Jojo and Jake look alike?
Fun in the tree with Noni and Grandpa
Monday mornings at the Children's Museum.
Colorado trip with Luke's family (Me, Brooke, and Mary Beth about to go fly fishing)

I'll post more recent pictures later. My computer is taking forever to upload for some reason.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Spring flew by...

Here are some photos from our recent Spring adventures. Lately, we've cut done on our outdoor activities unless it involves water because it's so HOT!
Impromptu family photo session at Mt. Bonnell

We had the opportunity to host these folks from the Ugandan Mwangaza children's choir over Easter weekend. They were so sweet and we loved getting to know them.
Happy Cinco de Mayo! JoJo kept trying to kiss this donkey. He wasn't that into her.
We met up with our friends, the Galbreaths, at a little Mexican restaurant to celebrate. They had Spanish dancers, a pinata, a donkey, and yummy sangria.
Jolene stomped it up on the dance floor and cried when we had to get her off the stage so the real dancer could perform.
We went to the Austin zoo with Morgan and Amelia one Saturday morning...lots of kisses on the train ride.
She looks like such a big girl here.
Luke and I went to an Astro's game with my parents and we had amazing seats...thanks, Dad! Jolene got to spend the evening with her Houston cousins playing dress up.
This girls loves beans. It's one of the staples of her diet considering at this point she only had two bottom teeth. She finally got two more on bottom last week and three are poking through up top as of yesterday.
Grandpa teaches Jolene how to drive the dump truck.
Beau, Uncle Hal, Joley, and Daddy (with Jesse James trying to comfort a fussy baby).
Sweet cousin Bella who loved playing with Jolene. The cousins are so sweet to her!

Monday, May 2, 2011


Luke surprised me on the weekend following my birthday with a trip WAAAAY out to the little West Texas town of Marfa. I went with a couple of friends a few years back and we had a great time. This time we actually stayed at a place called Cibolo Creek Ranch, just outside of Marfa, which had tons of cool history...check out this amazing and remote, resort.

We'd love to go back someday with friends/family and have the run of the place. We left little Joley with her Gigimama for some granddaughter/grandmother bonding time. Thank you, Carole! We didn't worry for a second about how Jolene was doing because she was in such capable, loving hands. Not to mention I wrote a manifesto on "tips for taking care of Jolene" before we left.

Honestly, one of the best parts was just getting to spend alone time with Luke in the car. No crying baby, no schedules, lots of knitting, books on tape, loud music....divine!

Crossing the Pecos River on the way home.
Heading into the front of the property. Notice all the green cottonwood trees...there are natural springs that go right through the fort. An aqueduct was constructed to channel the water for their use.
On a humvee tour of the area.
The back of the fort.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I love Texas in the springtime...

By being born a Texan child, Jolene has signed herself up for a childhood of picture taking in the Spring bluebonnets every year. Here are some of my favorites. Is it really against the law to pick bluebonnets? If so, Joley is in big trouble. It is impossible to stop a 14 month old from picking flowers. Especially my 14 month old, who has decided to enter the "testing Mommy phase" a little earlier than most of her peers. I can see in her eyes this little look of defiance and limit pushing each time she does something she knows Mommy won't like. She is so spirited, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I bought this Mexican dress for my future daughter in the Spring of 2008 on a trip to Cabo. Her Noni got her a white one too, but it's still a little too big. A girl can't have too many Mexican dresses.
Gigimama entertains Jo with the dinner bell at the ranch.
Joley and Noni at cousin Amanda's shower in Boerne.
This girl loves balloons!
And I love tutus, baby bottoms, and purple converse shoes!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And we're off!

Little Jo started standing up on her own without using furniture on her actual birthday, January 25. Later that week, she took a few tentative steps. The next week, she was taking about 6 steps at a time. This video is from that week when she was walking and falling all over the place. Now the kid is a pro and won't crawl anymore. She is getting fast, too! Hopefully she'll have her Daddy's speed...then again, I'd prefer to be able to catch her at least until she's about 6. I have visions already of me being that mom who has to chase her kid around the store.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Birthday Photos

Booty shot.
I love her wry grin as she is about to knock over Gain's block tower.
Cooperating and playing nice? Well...I didn't get a picture of Joley trying to push Amelia out of the way.
Cute bottoms.
Thank you to Morgan's mom for making these adorable crowns for the girls!
We had a wall where kids could draw with chalk and put "snow" on the snow man. Harper is telling Renae and I all about her art work.

Winter One-derland

Morgan and I decided to have a joint party this year for the girls, since they don't know any better and because we wanted to save our friends from going to two one year old parties within a week of each other. It was a winter one-derland theme (get it?) and the girls had such a fun brrr-thday! It had snowed two days before the party and so it was looking like the weather was going to cooperate with the decorations. However, in true Texas form, it was 65 degrees out, sunny, and warm. So our s'more idea wasn't the biggest hit after all. We had fun getting everything ready for the big day, and would have still been setting it all up an hour after the party started if not for my parents, Nichole, and Luke, who were conscripted into service upon their immediate early entry to the party. That's what you get for showing up early! ;) Here are a few pics of the day.

Our family with our big girl.
Cole really liked Joley's tutu...I'm sure they'll be great buds.
My dad is obviously delirious from the whirlwind of setting up for the party.
Sweet Amelia and her cake that she devoured...Kyle had to finally take it away. Typical.
Then there's my child who looks so cute here.
This is .5 seconds later. She refused to even taste the cake and left the chair crying. Typical.
Gigimama and Noni dote on their granddaughter, who is walking now.
Table of goodies.
We put pictures of the girls from each month on the wall along with our favorites of them together.
Mas goodies.