Monday, December 27, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Remembering the birth of JESUS is what it's all about and that by itself is enough reason to celebrate this season. However, being human and living in this world brings a lot of other Christmas add ons that are wonderful because they only happen once a year...lots of hot chocolate, tacky sweaters, white lights, trees inside the house, parties, presents, rich food, and Christmas carols. I already kind of miss having Christmas music playing in the house.
After a great Thanksgiving in Boerne, we stayed close to home for most of December. The Benders moved out the week before Christmas (sad) to their own place in South Austin. I think the girls might think they've lost a sister and surrogate mommy and daddy! We will miss them but know how ready they are to be in a place of their own in Austin. We spent Christmas Eve in Austin and attended our church's service with Brooke, Doug, Austin, and Mary Beth. The next day, we drove to La Grange for the big family Christmas. There were lots of presents and yummy food and Austin got a special gift this year...a car! What fun it was to see him surprised with such a generous gift from Poppi and Gigimama. It was such a great time with the family and a wonderful first Christmas for Jolene.
Baby's first Christmas morning.
Puppy love from Tucker.
The dogs had their own party all weekend.
The gals.
Bella helped Joley open her gifts.
Should I eat this? She of course liked the paper more than her gifts.
Hard to believe that someday she'll be as tall as that giraffe Noni gave her for Christmas.
Ivan, Eduardo, Alex (open your eyes), and Valente hang with Joley. She loves these boys and is such a flirt!
Aunt Nae came to visit and bring Christmas presents for Joley.
Skin tight ski suit onesie...he's all mine, ladies!
Family photo by the tree that looks like the one from Charlie Brown because we forgot to water it.
Here comes Santa Claus!
Our little angel with a not so angelic gleam in her eyes.
Just memorizing some scripture before meeting Santa. They wanted to learn about when Jesus was born and took some pages out of the bible to help them remember.


  1. Precious! Doesn't look like the girls liked santa all that much. :)

  2. jolene is so cute! man she's growing so fast. you are such a great little momma!

  3. Nice picture of the crew with Jojo! Except you should've had a retake! Haha