Thursday, November 11, 2010


Did people in parts of the country that have beautiful leaves that fall to the ground decide to rename autumn to 'fall'? I think I like calling it 'autumn' better because the only leaves I have seen fall so far are the ones we saw in Virginia, where they have an actual 'fall'. Speaking of, we saw the most beautiful leaves on our recent trip up there to visit my parent's new cabin they built close to the Blue Ridge Parkway (google images it...gorgeous). Once again, I've been delinquent in my blogging. Since we've been back from California, it seems like the months have decided to fast-forward on me to Thanksgiving.

Does anyone else find it completely irritating that all the stores had their Christmas gear out before Halloween was even over?! Sigh. I'm reminded just how commercialized our celebration of Christmas has become and how we as Americans have given ourselves yet another excuse to be materialistic consumers of more stuff. Anyway...

I'll stop rambling and protesting long enough to post some recent pictures of the family...

Jolene and Grandma Chapman rock at the cabin in Virginia. Joley loved rocking with Grandma!
This is on the back porch of the cabin and you can see some of the beautiful leaves behind us.
Back home at the pumpkin patch practicing walking with Daddy.
Friends in the pumpkin patch...Amelia thinks it's really funny to make that face for pictures. Her mama doesn't.
My little punkin.

I'm not sure if many of you know that my favorite holiday to decorate for is Halloween. Well, it is and this year was no exception. It is also convenient that Luke's birthday falls on Halloween Eve, and this year we had a costume party to celebrate (and give me an excuse to put up my if I need an excuse.) I'll post some pics if I can get someone to send me some (we lost our camera charger at the WORST time).

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  1. I won't comment on your remarks about Christmas, except that even I think it's a tad too early (but I might as well enjoy :). Jolene is getting prettier by the minute...want to see pictures of the Halloween party!!