Friday, August 20, 2010

Two Month Blogging Drought is Over

Since the last post, we've been just a little all over the place...Colorado (again for July 4th), Houston, Marble Falls, Vermont. Let's not forget also that we decided in a period of about three weeks to move from our little Travis Heights home to a bigger one near Mount Bonnell. Whew! So there's my excuse for not blogging recently! Here are a few pictures from our recent adventures with Jolene to visit family, attend Cousin Michael's wedding, and visit with friends.

Baby girl couldn't keep her eyes open and missed meeting another new friend.
We went to a huge farm in Vermont and Joley met lots of animal friends.
Hanging out on the dock at the house Gigimama and Poppi rented in Vermont before Michael and Dana's wedding.
Lake Champlain sunset...Adirondack mountains (like the chairs, you know?).
We got to have a date thanks to Gigimama and Poppi.
Jolene tries to convince her Daddy as we walk around the Harvard campus to pay for her tuition, class of 2032...start saving now!
We had lunch with a dear college friend, Leslie, who lives in Boston.
Visit to Houston to see Noni, Grandpa, Kyle, Ivette, and Jake.

Grandpa with Jake and Jolene.

Grandpa imitates one of Jolene's favorite new faces.
First taste of squash...she loves it despite this face.
Uncle Hal came for a visit.
She was hiding from the paparazzi.

Reverse milk mustache after being fed by Julie.

I'll post more pictures from the wedding once I find my camera cord to upload the rest...I think it's in a box somewhere.


  1. Oh my goodness, Courtney, she is BEAUTIFUL! Just like her momma!

  2. she is gorgeous!
    what a fun trip! and that dixie cup date sounds romantic.

  3. Thanks to you both! We had a great time with our little "shots" of wine.