Thursday, June 24, 2010

Grandmother/Denver, and Summertime

Memorial Day weekend was a very memorable time for our family as we traveled from all over the U.S. to Littleton, Colorado to say good-bye to the earthly body of Mary Killgore, Luke's sweet Grandmother. She has been reunited with her husband, Luke's Goodaddy, who I unfortunately didn't have the pleasure of meeting. They are both home with Jesus and so you could say the weekend was a celebration of sorts. I know they would have thoroughly enjoyed the wild bunch who descended upon their house this weekend.
Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man!
Austin provided the music for the evening...amazing!
Jolene and her Houston cousins. She loved all the attention she got from these kids.
A little friendly family game of baseball in the backyard/fairway.
Handsome Bourlon brothers with the little Miss.

In other news...the BENDERS HAVE MOVED TO AUSTIN! We are so excited and Jolene and I have already hung out with Morgan and Amelia multiple times. Hopefully that will be a regular thing. We can't wait to see them without either one of us having to drive for two and a half hours. Another perk is that the Benders are staying with an incredible family for the summer who happen to live in a beautiful home with a pool. The boys (and I stress the term boys here) decided to play a pool game (Morgan, what was the name?) for a good hour or more where they would toss a football, set it up, and then try and hit it as they were jumping in. The four of them finally accomplished the feat and were elated (and tired).
Luke told me to post this one. He said, "We can make fun of Bender." YEEAA, Dude!
Micah, Harper, and Amber
Right before Jolene went under water and decided to call it quits for the day.
Classic. Four babies? Put all of them in one chair and see what happens.
These four girls will be in the same grade growing up and surely will question the number of couch/chair photos we took of them when they were babies.

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  1. Um CROSSFIRE! The term you are looking for is Crossfire. We heard the play being called many times from quarterback Bourlon. "Let's do Crossfire." Kyle defends that he had to duck as Rob's body "crossed" over his, hence the name...CROSSFIRE! The pool lost a few feet of water that night.