Friday, May 21, 2010

Time for an update

We took a fabulous trip to California at the end of April with Jamie and Molly Hargather, who live in Atlanta. We seem to prefer hanging out with them on the West coast since both times we've seen them in the past year have been in Cali. See her blog ( for pictures...our camera battery died the day we got there and we forgot the charger. Boo. Anyway, the home where we stayed with Molly and Jamie was basically our own private Four Seasons...bocce ball, tennis court, basketball court, pool, hot tubs, workout room...this place had it all! And it is located in wine country so we went to some local wineries too. But even better was the quality time spent with the Hargathers. Hopefully they'll visit us in Carmel this September and in Austin sometime soon.

Luke is reading a book called the Engine 2 diet and it's all about the health benefits of eating lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains and NO dairy or meat. Vegan. We've sampled several of the recipes in the book and they've turned out pretty well considering there is no butter, oil, or animal products of any kind in them. Unfortunately, Luke bought a 'vegan' pizza the other night from Whole Foods and it did NOT pass any kind of taste test. Glue is the closest thing I can think of to describe it. We threw it away and got Chick fil A instead...animal products, YES please!

Here is a rundown of what's been going on with the almost four month old little miss these days.

-still sleeping like a champ at night and during naps (she is truly my daughter)

-has started grabbing things and putting them in her mouth

-loves to suck on her hands

-squeals and jabbers all day

-takes two walks a day in the baby bjorn (it's gotten WAY too hot for her stroller)

-rode on her first airplane to California (did amazingly well and slept most of both flights)...we have a rule in the family of only going places where we can take direct flights, especially with a kid

-she is drooling a lot more and unless she has a bib on, the entire front of her shirt gets soaked

-still hates tummy time, but we do it every day because it's just one of those things you have to do even though you don't want to. there are a lot of those in life. at the top of my list is laundry.
She can only take so much time in the bumbo thing...her face is saying, "Really, Mom? How much longer do I have to sit in this contraption?"
Luke's face (which is similar to his daughter's in the above picture) is saying, "Really, Court? You're taking a picture of me because you think my trying a vegan pizza is newsworthy?" Absolutely.
Jolene is quite liberal with her smiles these days.
This is Jolene's transportation of choice lately.
Cheering on the golfers during the Masters.
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Here is a (long) sample of our daily conversations with Jolene. She jibber jabbers all day and started chuckling lately (mostly at Daddy and Baron).

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