Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Burns' video of new home

The wonderful Burns family is about to make the move to Austin, Texas. We are so excited that they are coming back to the States (they've been in Costa Rica) and chose to make Austin their new home base! Jolene will grow up seeing her Aunt Brooke, Uncle Doug, and cousins Mary Beth and Austin on a regular basis and I can say without a doubt her life will be better because of it. Luke, Jolene, and I went to the house they might buy (assuming the inspection goes well) and I told Doug I would post it here so that Brooke, MB, and Austin could see it.

Click below for two of the videos...I could only upload this amount today. There are two more clips and I'll see what kind of magic I can work to get them here as well. If not, I'll have to post them to facebook or send them by email to the Burns family. Here goes...

Burns video 4 from Courtney Bourlon on Vimeo.

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  1. Wahoo!!! I'm so excited about the Burn's family coming to Austin! Mary Beth and Austin are you so excited about that backyard and porch!!! Have you already claimed bedrooms?? It'll be fun getting used to carpet again. I dont remember many houses in CR having carpet. Austin you'll have to remember that when you are wrestling your dad (I seem to remember that about you two), carpet burns are the worst! See you all soon.