Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Texas Rite of Passage...

Why is it that Texans all feel the need to stick their children in a patch of bluebonnets each Spring and take picture after picture? Well, we joined the club and put poor Jolene through this ordeal while out at the ranch in La Grange several weekends ago. Thank you to both Gigimama and Poppi for taking care of Jolene one night while Luke and I stayed at the Hyatt Lost Pines for my birthday. It was sad for me to see her drive away with her grandparents because I'd never spent a night away from her, but I knew what capable hands she was in which was why I didn't even worry for a minute about her...although I did worry about Gigimama not getting to sleep as much if Jolene decided to have an off night. She slept well and I'm sure had a great time with her grandparents.

She's not too sure what all the hype is about.

Gigimama, Daddy, and Jolene
Our little family (minus Baron of course)

Mommy and Jolene
And that's all she wrote.


  1. you guys look great. i think we are going to leave leighton for a night soon...glad to know it went well.

  2. Thanks, Kristin. I did cry when Jolene left with her grandparents but knew it had to happen eventually. Leighton is so precious! Next time you guys visit Austin, we'll have to get together.