Monday, April 26, 2010

Jolene's Little Friends

We are so fortunate to have great friends who have had kids within months of Jolene's birth. We pray that our children will grow up to be life-long buddies with one another and share fun and meaningful memories of growing up together in Austin. Here are just a few of Jolene's friends (we can't wait for babies Dunn and Smith to enter the scene)!

We had a stroller gang out on Town Lake with some of our friends and their kids.
(Left to right) John and Julie Manning with Hunter and Noah; Luke and I with Jolene; Robbie and Kara Hardy with Maylee and Caleb; Melissa and Billy Suess with Piper; and Morgan and Kyle with Amelia. Such a fun group!
Miss Amelia and Jolene had the same due date but Amelia broke free a week earlier than's hard to believe they're the same age considering how much bigger Amelia is than Joley. They like to hold hands.
I stole this picture from Brooke Galbreath's facebook page. Her and Jim's son, Gain is in the middle and was kind enough to share his queso with Harper (Micah and Amber's daughter). Gain is the most precious, big eyed little boy.

Here are the four little girls who will all one day be in the same grade at school. I look forward to lots of fun girl time with these ladies.

They like to snuggle with each least Amelia and Joley are into it. I think Harper and Maylee have had enough of the younger two laying on them.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Texas Rite of Passage...

Why is it that Texans all feel the need to stick their children in a patch of bluebonnets each Spring and take picture after picture? Well, we joined the club and put poor Jolene through this ordeal while out at the ranch in La Grange several weekends ago. Thank you to both Gigimama and Poppi for taking care of Jolene one night while Luke and I stayed at the Hyatt Lost Pines for my birthday. It was sad for me to see her drive away with her grandparents because I'd never spent a night away from her, but I knew what capable hands she was in which was why I didn't even worry for a minute about her...although I did worry about Gigimama not getting to sleep as much if Jolene decided to have an off night. She slept well and I'm sure had a great time with her grandparents.

She's not too sure what all the hype is about.

Gigimama, Daddy, and Jolene
Our little family (minus Baron of course)

Mommy and Jolene
And that's all she wrote.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter...He is risen!

Today was a full day at the Bourlon home. Joley wore her
first Easter dress to church (thank you Aunt Mary Ellen for such a lovely outfit!). We were reminded today at church about what Jesus' resurrection truly means for us. I think this quote sums it up better than I could ever try and articulate:

"The goodness in redemption extends itself to the lower creation. It takes in not only man, but the whole of creation, except the fallen angels…The fall of man brought misery not only upon himself, but a vanity upon the creature; the earth groaned under a curse for his sake…debased to serve the lusts of a traitor; his enmity, luxury, sensuality.

But when all the fruits of redemption shall be completed, the goodness of God shall pour itself upon the creatures, “deliver them from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the goodness of God”…freed from the vanity under which they are enslaved (Rom 8:21)… Nature shall put on triumphant vestments… Thus does the divine goodness spread its arms over the whole creation."
–Stephen Charnock, “Existence and Attributes of God.”


After church, Uncle Hal, Aunt Patty, Beau, Reed, and Bella came to Austin to meet Jolene and brought lots of kisses and laughter for her.
Pretty little smocked dress from Great Aunt Mary Ellen.
Group shot...I think we took this same picture over Christmas when Jolene was still growing inside of Mommy.
Reed did such a good job of holding his cousin.
Bella and Aunt Patty spend some girl time with Joley who is filling them in on the how much she hates to be naked.
Sweet cousins Reed and Beau give Jolene kisses.
She has really started to notice Baron lately. He has been kind enough to shower her with kisses and his hot, stinky breath. They're going to be the best of friends. Right now, they have a whole lot in common. They spend their days eating, sleeping, and pooping.
Joley waves to the paparazzi in true beauty queen fashion.
"Happy Easter" says Jolene as she waves again like a beauty queen (where does she get that?).
Mommy's turn to pose with the little monkey before leaving for church.
Aunt Patty and Cousins Bella, Reed, and Beau (those are his hands holding her left hand) get to know their newest cousin.

Thank you guys for coming to visit us. Little Jolene is sure to have a great time in the future with her Houston cousins...hopefully we'll see you all again soon.