Friday, March 5, 2010

Jolene's One Month Photos

We had a photographer, Amber Snow, come to our house last Friday and do a little photo shoot of Jolene. It took a lot of patience, skill, and direction from Amber to get these. We're so happy with them! One day we'll look back and hardly believe she was so little.
Amber managed to unswaddle Joley without waking her...quite a feat! Joley repaid the kindness by pooping on the nice white blanket Amber had her on.

She is wrapped up in the Alpaca wool blanket my mom crocheted for soft and warm!

Little pea pod in her swaddle.
Daddy/Daughter pic...she's got him right where she wants him.
Happy to sleep anywhere as long as she's swaddled up tightly.
Family photo...the most important one had to be in the foreground.
Little toes!
Pretty little face.
I love this one even though it doesn't show much of her face.

All images are courtesy of Amber Snow Photography...


  1. those are so sweet! i love the one in the chair.

  2. she becomes more beautiful each time I see her. These pictures are wonderful. My favorite is the second to last. She looks like her momma

  3. Those are beautiful! I forgot to ask you on Saturday... how much does she weigh now?

  4. probably about 8 pounds now, i think! Good to see you at the shower...way to go for getting out of the house!

  5. She is absolutely precious! We got her birth announcement in the mail yesterday and it is beautiful.