Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jolene's Travels

Jolene's first overnight trip was out to the ranch where she slept beautifully in her pack and play that her Gigimama and Poppi lovingly bought and set up for her. Her second overnight trip was to Houston to meet her future bestie, Amelia Bender. We hung out with the Benders at Herman Memorial while Morgan's poor body tried to fight a staph infection...which Kyle's poor body is now fighting. We had the best time, despite being in the hospital...good times can be had, no matter where you are. Luke and Kyle even managed to sneak in a six pack of beer with pizza we had delivered.

Side note, the medical center in Houston is RIDICULOUS! That place needs it own zip code...which it probably has, now that I think about it. Luke and I were amazed at how crowded the parking lot was and then we remembered that Houston is one of the most unhealthy cities in America and we were right next to the cardiac hospital. Go figure.

The boys hold each other's girls. There simply are no words to compare the difference in size of these two beauties.
Morgan is as pretty as a picture despite the arduous hospital stay. Holding Amelia threw me for a loop because I wanted to plop her on my hip with on arm because she feels like a 6-9 month old...however, she didn't appreciate that tendency of mine because her little neck isn't quite there yet and her poor head would flop around. No wonder she is upset with me in this picture.
The guys watching March Madness with their sleeping beauties.
Amelia is not amused at Jolene trying to take over her cozy sleeping place. Jolene didn't even wake up to hear what Amelia had to say. Or maybe Amelia is hinting that Jolene has stinky armpits. Joley does have some stinky neck cheese going on. Even right after we bathe her, I still smell some stinkiness around her neck. Milk runs right down her face into the abyss of her neck and no matter how hard I try to keep it clean, the cheese factory won't shut down. I am a little saddened by the fact that our daughter doesn't have the nice new baby smell. She doesn't seem to mind her own smell, much like her stinky dad.
Notice how far Amelia's legs hang off the seat...I love it!
Noni with grandbabies Jake and Jolene.
Jake loves playing with Grandpa.
Grandpa and Uncle Kyle hold the youngest members of the Chapman family.
Jolene smiles and dances for Poppi on our trip to the ranch.
Aunt Brooke came to meet Joley! She and Joley conspired about future adventures they will have together once the Burns move to Austin. We can't wait for them to be here and get to see little Jolene grow up. She is such a lucky girl!
Aunt Brooke and Gigimama were here for the last feeding of the day and to watch Luke's amazing swaddling job. Jolene is absolutely content and milk drunk.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Jolene's One Month Photos

We had a photographer, Amber Snow, come to our house last Friday and do a little photo shoot of Jolene. It took a lot of patience, skill, and direction from Amber to get these. We're so happy with them! One day we'll look back and hardly believe she was so little.
Amber managed to unswaddle Joley without waking her...quite a feat! Joley repaid the kindness by pooping on the nice white blanket Amber had her on.

She is wrapped up in the Alpaca wool blanket my mom crocheted for her...so soft and warm!

Little pea pod in her swaddle.
Daddy/Daughter pic...she's got him right where she wants him.
Happy to sleep anywhere as long as she's swaddled up tightly.
Family photo...the most important one had to be in the foreground.
Little toes!
Pretty little face.
I love this one even though it doesn't show much of her face.

All images are courtesy of Amber Snow Photography...