Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weeks One and Two

I put my favorite picture first...Baron loves his new little sister.

He especially loves her poopy diapers. Last week, I was nursing Jolene when I felt something warm trickle down my arm. Lo and behold, she had exploded through her diaper. I'm sure our inexperience at putting diapers on contributed to the blow out, but just as soon as Luke put a clean diaper on her and gave her back to me, she did it again! Lots of dirty laundry had to be washed and Baron was a little too excited as he watched from his perch just outside the nursery door. Fun times.
Luke has mastered the swaddle (he's way better at it than me) and the side soothing technique from the Happiest Baby on the Block (thanks, Benders for sending it!).
Daddy's girl.
Auntie Nichole came to visit.
Baron wants to help Gigimama fix Jolene's shirt.
Now the Bourlon grandparents have an even number of girl grandchildren as boys.
Susann came to visit.
Auntie Lanie held me for a long, long time.
Comfy, cozy on Daddy's chest.
Auntie Nae comes bearing lots of PINK. Sigh.
Teaching Jolene how to trade.
Amber, Micah, and Harper came and visited in the hospital.
The Bender family of three on our first conference call.
Jolene and the girls, Jen, Julie, and Katrina.
Jolene with Daddy, Brad, and Mark.

These have been two of the longest, most exhausting weeks of our life and yet, looking back now as we're almost at the two week mark, all of that pales in comparison to the great joy Jolene has brought us. So far, she has been a pretty quiet baby...eating, sleeping, pooping. She really only cries when she is naked, getting a diaper changed, or wants a little snuggling. We have our fingers crossed that she stays this way, but I've heard that things can drastically change after the two week mark. Here's to hoping for the best but planning for the worst!


  1. So precious!!!!! I'm sure she'll love her room. It's a great place :)

  2. Congratulations! She is beautiful!!