Thursday, February 25, 2010

One month old!

We just got home from Joley's one month doctor appointment, and she is packing on the pounds! She now weighs 7 pounds, 11 ounces, is 20.5 inches tall, and her head is now 14.75 inches. She continues to eat, sleep, and create messy diapers. She has started taking two bottles a day (given by Luke) and has slept around 5-7 consecutive hours at night. Now of course, as soon as I publish this, she will start to wake up every hour. Fingers are still crossed as sleep is essential for the mommy.
Joley pauses mid-dance move for Mommy to take a picture.
She hangs out a lot in this bouncy seat during the day. She loves the vibration it makes and will wake up if it goes off...uh oh.

Family walk with Joley in the sling.
Happy to be wrapped up in a dry towel after a warm bath.
I didn't know Luke took this picture...sleep when the baby sleeps is great advice!
Joley met her Great-Grandma Chapman last weekend and got to visit with my parents too!
Four generations of Chapman/Richarz family.
Going to Grandma's house is always a treat!
Gigimama came to baby-sit so that Luke and I could have a date night out. It was glorious! We ate yummy sushi at Uchi and I had my first glass of wine in almost a year. Normally the wait at Uchi is around 2 hours, but we got seated in under an hour and were home by 9. Thank you so much Carole/Gigimama for coming to visit and giving us a night out!


  1. For whatever reason it just hit me in a new way that we have babies. Looking at the picture of "doc" that's what I've been secretly calling Jolene, just made me go "when did all this happen?" Sad you had to run out before Luke could fix his hair :) I love seeing pictures, I cant wait to hold her. growing growing growing.

  2. hey courtney, i was talking to lynch yesterday and she was telling me about precious jolene. i had a baby girl on jan. 31. she is also losing her hair on top and looks just like a little old man! glad to find your blog and see that you guys are doing well.