Thursday, February 18, 2010

The life and times of Jolene continued...

"Little Jo," as her Poppi nick-named her, is starting to enjoy bath time more now that we can put her fully in the warm water. She almost seems surprised at how good it feels. The first picture was taken just after she decided to pee through the first towel and just before she decided to poop on this one. Our water bill is going to be enormous with all the laundry we do now. It's hard to believe she's been with us now for almost a month! She is beginning to make longer eye contact with us when we talk to her and we were so lucky to get a full 4 and a half hours of sleep last night. I feel almost refreshed!

She spit up on herself in her sleep last night and earned herself a morning bath to get the sticky gunk out of her hair. Luke stayed home this morning and helped.

This picture shows her balding head nicely...her hair on top is coming off quickly. Her hairdo looks a lot like her Grandpa Chapman's before he shaved it all off. We couldn't stop laughing at her because she looks just like a little old man.

Joley likes the sling Morgan gave us so far. Luke put her in it a couple days ago after she was swaddled and asleep and we took a family walk to Joe's (with Baron of course) and got coffee and hung out. We were gone almost an hour and she never woke up.
Joley gazes into her goofy Daddy's eyes.
GRRRRR! Her first real bath was okay but getting out in the cold air was NOT fun! That orange cone on her head is a rooster beak.
Joley's first bottle! She drank it up and actually has been taking a couple bottles from Daddy every day now to give Mommy a break. It takes her almost an hour to nurse and less than 20 to take the really frees up a good chunk of time.
Joley has a little blister on her upper lip from nursing for so long and from this angle it looks like she has one tooth coming in. Little 'Deliverance' looking child of mine.
Luke is good about getting the burps out of the little missy.
Kara, Robbie, Caleb, and Maylee came to meet Jolene!
Maylee is such a happy baby.
Sweet friend Kara snuggles with Jolene.


  1. Awe! I love it! Gets me really excited - though not the 4 1/2 hrs of sleep part. :)

  2. I dont even know where to begin. First off J. is gorgeous, balding pattern and all! Also I think Ama is the same size as Mayee. :) Probably why she doesn't fit so well in the sling. I cant wait to meet this precious precious girl!