Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcome home, Brooke Jolene!

Here a few pics of the newest family member. I've
just felt up to messing with technology, so these are from the hospital to now.

This is the first meeting between Amelia and Jolene via's a video of Morgan's of the conversation.


  1. Courtney- I love that Morgan recorded this! SO cute. I also, Jolene, and having kids around the same time. Jolene and Amelia are both adorable. How will baby Dunn ever choose? ;)

  2. I love these pictures!! I cant wait to put these 2 up next to each other. Because she doesn't look a pound under 7 :)

  3. Yaaay! CONGRATS - she is just gorgeous Courtney!! I can't get enough of the Bourlon and Bender Baby Blogs! Keep it comin!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, she is amazing!!!! I am so happy for you. Y'all are going to be unbelievable parents. Can't wait to hold her some day ... or wait ... maybe she'll be running around by that time ... yikes! Time flies. Enjoy every minute!!!
    -Erika S